F16 Fighting Falcon

A Close Shave

F16 Thunderbird CrashOn 15 September 2003, a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird F-16C crashed during an air show. Capt. Christopher Stricklin attempted a "Split S" maneuver based on an incorrect mean-sea-level altitude of the airfield.  

When Stricklin had insufficient altitude to complete the maneuver, he skilfully guided the aircraft away from the spectators and ejected just 1s before impact. Amazingly, he survived with only minor injuries. Below was the video clip captured just before the F-16C crash.

F 16 fighting falcon paper model airplane design

Click on image to download template


F16 Fighting Falcon paper model
1. Download these paper model templates and unzip the file.

2. Open the jpeg files using the Paint application to print them on A4 papers.

3. Glue the A4 paper over a A4 size card material or used folder.

4. After the glue is dry, cut out the parts and be ready to fit them together.

Check out the Instruction Page for an example.