How to Make Paper Model Airplane

How to Make Paper Airplane
Are you a lover of paper model airplanes? Would you like to know how to make paper airplane models? We have a number of paper model airplanes that you can download for free. They ranged from historic WWI to WWII aircrafts and modern fighter models.

These paper airplanes design templates were created by Mr C. Gordan Huisman from Canada. They are designed specifically for beginners. 

You can download and print them for use in your school projects and personal collections. Most the paper model airplane designs come either in black & white (B & W) and color versions.

If you do not know how to get started, just go to our paper airplane instructions page to help you get started.

Green modelling idea : We like to encourage the use of recycled paper, cardboard or unused hard paper files.  All the samples you see here are made using recycled files materials and papers.